AC Issues at ELC

If you’ve been in the church building recently (especially in the afternoons), you probably have noticed that the AC is not working (and what a month to be without AC).  Carolyn and Monica have talked with folks from Mike’s Heating and Air who installed our current AC setup and who have been providing requested maintenance and repairs. They discovered that a condenser unit (downstairs) and an inside unit (upstairs) were not working. This is what they learned from Mike’s:


  • The capacitor and the compressor are dead. 
  • The representative from Mike’s cannot recommend replacing the compressor; it’s too old. We have an R22 and the standard today is a R410a. It is hard/ impossible to find these older parts.


  • The upstairs unit has not been working for at least 4 years; it was determined the church did not have the funds to replace it at the time.
  • The upstairs unit is located over the sanctuary in an area that will be very difficult and expensive to reach.

Mike’s sent us a bid for the work required to fix the AC units. Their bid came in over $20,000 for the two repairs.

Since receiving the bid from Mike’s, Monica has reached out to Gropp, Redinger, McCoy, and Unlimited. Gropp, Redinger, and McCoy are not able to come out to look at our AC units until the end of the year. Unlimited is scheduled to visit on August 25. 

We will need congregational approval to spend the money required to fix the AC units. So, once we receive a bid from Unlimited, we will hold an emergency congregation meeting at which we will review the two bids. At that meeting, we will take a motion from the floor to guide us as we move forward with the AC repairs.